12 Kitchen Remodeling Trends to Look for in 2023


12 Kitchen Remodeling Trends to Look for in 2023The kitchen is the nerve center for nearly every Colorado home. Most of us cook, eat, work, entertain, and even rest in our kitchens. We need the space to be functional enough to fulfill all of our uses and attractive enough that we like spending lots of time there.

Kitchens and bathrooms trade-off as the most frequently remodeled room in any given year. With that in mind, here are 12 kitchen remodeling trends for 2023.

1. Butler’s Pantries

A butler’s pantry can serve as a dedicated food prep space, coffee bar, additional food storage space, and even more. Also known as a scullery or working pantry, kitchen designers will often hide a butler’s pantry behind matching cabinetry panels or a sliding door.

2. Comforting Textures

Textured, tactile surfaces are a dominant design trend. Innovations in wood, stone, and marble effects have lowered the cost of incorporating these into your kitchen. Perfect areas for adding texture include walls, backsplash, island, countertops, flooring, and ceiling.

3. Eco-Credentials

Environmentally responsible design continues to be championed by homeowners and designers alike. Mass-produced, fast-manufactured products are making way for sustainably-sourced, green materials. More than ever, consumers are looking for quality, durability, and lengthy warranties.

4. Large Kitchen Islands

Large kitchen islands are taking over the dining and entertaining functions that used to be fulfilled by a formal dining room. One of the interior features that can help sell your house, islands are on trend and worth the investment for just about any kitchen.

5. Japandi Designs

Demand for Japandi-style kitchens is exploding among kitchen designers and homeowners. A fusion of the Japanese aesthetic with Scandanavian style, Japandi bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms have already become extremely popular. Japandi incorporates earthy tones, organic textures, and an abundance of indoor plants to create a cozy, serene, and timeless effect.

6. “Lived-In” Touches

At one time, kitchens were expected to be spotless, sparkling, and highly organized, with everything in its place. Over the past couple of years, comfort, coziness, and personality have gradually taken over. Trends include features such as bookcases or open shelving displaying unique vintage items, family heirlooms, and other personal items as well as mixing antique furnishings with more traditional cabinetry.

7. Mixed Metallics

Metallic is the hottest finish for kitchens in 2023, and mixed metallics are the hottest execution. We’re talking about metals in similar tones, like copper and gold, or nickel and matte chrome, paired with lighter-colored paints and modern kitchen designs. Pewter, copper, and brushed brass are also popular. Mixing the metals, such as using brass cabinet pulls with copper taps, helps avoid a one-dimensional look.

8. Wine Cellars

Wine cellars are back, but these are not the kind you may be thinking of. Instead of a large underground space filled with dusty racks of vintage bottles, the modern wine cellar is a specialty cabinet built into the kitchen or adjacent hallway, with UV tempered glass and interior dimmed LED lighting.

9. Natural Countertops

Natural stone such as Ceasarstone quartz and marble is the countertop material of choice this year. It works in modern and traditional kitchen designs and for countertops and splashbacks alike, plus there are numerous options for exact patterns and colors. Demand is also increasing for natural wood.

10. Slab Backsplashes

Large slab backsplashes are the focus now, taking the place of white subway tile and zellige tile. With no grout lines, they are very easy to clean. Slab backsplashes can be matched to the countertop or make a statement in a bold, contrasting color. Kitchen designers often use slab backsplashes to replace some upper cabinets, extending the slabs all the way to the ceiling. Granite, quartz, and marble are especially popular.

11. Smart Technology

Wi-fi appliances that can be controlled by your smartphone, voice-activated appliances, touchless faucets, and more are becoming common in upscale kitchen designs. In addition to ultra convenience, smart kitchens help save energy.

12. Warming Drawers

You may have seen warming drawers on television cooking shows. They are dedicated built-in appliances that look just like a deep cabinet drawer and are used to help the dough rise perfectly, keep mugs and dishes warm prior to serving, preserve foods through dehydration, and similar uses without tying up your regular oven.

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