5 Hottest Kitchen Cabinet Colors for 2023


Cabinet colors can set the tone for your entire kitchen. Since they usually represent the largest surface area of any kitchen component, cabinets often serve as the baseline against which you make other color choices like flooring and appliances. At the same time, cabinet colors can easily change with surface prep and paint.

It may be time to refresh your cabinet colors. Here are the 5 hottest color schemes in kitchens today.

1. Blue and Green – Colors of the Sea

Blue cabinets bring a stately air to even the most unadorned kitchen. Blue stands the test of time through its ability to blend so well with perennially-popular design colors like white, beige, taupe, and gray. Blue also coordinates nicely with traditional and modern design styles.

Green cabinets, ranging from earthy dark greens to pale sage and grayish-green, bring a sense of warm tranquility to your kitchen. They are often paired with light natural wood countertops and white accents.  Lighter shades of green can make your kitchen seem larger. Heavy, dark greens work best in larger kitchens, especially rustic and farmhouse-inspired designs.

2. White – Forever Elegant and On Trend

White has been a “top 5” kitchen color for as long as there have been “top 5” lists. That may be because white comes in at least two shades – bright white and antique white. White will brighten up just about any space and pair well with any cabinet style. Small kitchens naturally seem larger with white cabinets, and large kitchens automatically take on an almost luxurious feel.

3. Black – Striking and Timeless

Black is making a comeback in architectural details, including cabinetry. Many designers use a combination of black and white in various configurations. For example, designers will use black for the bottom cabinets to ground the space with white for the top ones to open up the room, or all-black cabinets accented by white appliances. Nearly any combination of black and white gives a very stylish, modern look.

4. Neutral and Taupe – Always Tasteful, Never Bland

Neutral colors are perfect for those seeking a low-key, reserved look without using white. Beige, mushroom, taupe, eggshell, and similar are perfect for any cabinet style and make a room feel larger, which makes them an excellent choice for older cabinets and smaller kitchens. Coordinating neutral colors are also great for two-tone kitchens, such as light beige for upper cabinets and darker taupe for lowers.

5. Natural Wood Color – Nature’s Way Can Be the Best

Wood grain cabinets bring nature indoors. While specific colors have gone out of style (think of your grandmother’s wood cabinets, for example), today’s wood cabinets are warm and soft, with color stains bearing names like Cashew and Coriander.

Solid wood cabinetry can be expensive and must be carefully maintained. If budget and ongoing care are concerns, you can achieve the look of natural wood by using a maintenance-free laminate.

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