9 Tips to Prepare for a Kitchen Renovation Project

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Homeowners who begin a kitchen remodel are faced with a number of decisions. They must choose a contractor, countertops, color, tile, appliances, and every little detail down to drawer pulls. It’s common, when faced with all those decisions, to forget about planning for day-to-day life during construction. You can bet that the kids will still be asking, “What’s for dinner?” and nobody wants to forgo that morning cup of coffee.

Preparing for a Kitchen Renovation

Here are some helpful tips on how you can meet the needs of your family during your kitchen renovation project.

1. Set up a temporary kitchen in another room.

Ideally, the room will have close access to a sink. You can move the refrigerator and cook with a microwave, slow cooker, InstaPot, electric skillet, toaster oven, etc. If the weather allows, you can also cook outside.

2. Make use of the dining room.

If you have a formal dining room, consider using it for everyday use during the renovation. For homes without a dining room, set up a table in a lesser-used space such as a finished basement. It’s best if the area is not too far from your makeshift kitchen. During the summer, you can always eat outside on the patio.

3. Use paper plates.

Chances are good that you won’t have access to a dishwasher during your kitchen makeover. Washing dishes by hand can be cumbersome if you don’t have access to a large sink. Using paper plates and plastic utensils for a couple of weeks will greatly reduce the time and stress of cleanup.

4. Increase your budget for “eating out.”

Consider eating out, rather than at home. Keep in mind that you will not want to eat fast-food for every meal, so it would be best to budget for one or two sit-down restaurants.

5. Prepare for disruption.

Despite preparations by you, your designer, and your general contractor, the project will produce noise and dust. Mentally preparing yourself for this will hopefully decrease the level of annoyance.

6. Expect minor delays.

When the walls start coming down, things that were hidden often come to light. For instance, you may not have known that the pipe under the floor had developed a slow leak. It’s better to fix those types of problems before they become bigger ones. However, these unforeseen issues can cause delays.

7. Cushion your budget.

The same hidden problems that can delay your renovation will probably cost money to fix. Allow room in your budget for the unexpected.

8. Stay focused on the result and not the process.

It’s hard to envision your new kitchen when all you can see is bare wood and tarps. Keep the renderings of your project handy, and when you get discouraged, focus on the goal. In a relatively short time, the mess will be behind you and you will have the kitchen of your dreams.

9. Get the best contractor for your kitchen renovation!

Why Do You Need a Good Contractor?

Your designer and general contractor are the ones spearheading your renovation. Make sure you thoroughly vet their credentials and examine their previous work. Pay close attention to comments on their personal service, attention to detail, their reviews, and their longevity.

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