Best Ways to Organize Your Cooking Area: Safety Strategies and Space Design


Best Ways to Organize Your Cooking Area: Safety Strategies and Space DesignNobody likes a cluttered, disorganized kitchen. Digging through drawers searching for utensils and ingredients reduces meal preparation efficiency, while preparing food on overcrowded countertops simply isn’t safe. Achieving a neat and tidy cooking area with a place for everything requires the right kitchen safety strategies and organization ideas. Ensuring a safer, more productive kitchen space design starts with these storage solutions.

Magnetic Spice Rack

A wall-mounted magnetic spice rack can be a real lifesaver when in a hurry. As a minimalistic savior for freeing up space on luxurious quartz countertops, a spice rack should be placed in a darker spot so that herbs and spices continue to deliver optimal flavor.

Over-the-Door Rack

Effective cooking area organization requires the ability to utilize all available space, especially in a smaller kitchen. Wire racks that hook over cabinet doors to store brushes, sponges, and other cleaning supplies are a viable storage solution. A prime spot for an over-the-door rack is under the sink.

Spice Pot Organizer

Spice up kitchen aesthetics with a decorative spice pot organizer. In addition to keeping frequently used herbs and spices within arm’s reach, pot organizers shield them from light and moisture.

Tray Inserts

A tray insert is a flexible and customizable way to keep kitchen drawers neat and tidy. Using tray inserts to organize everyday serving utensils and cutlery gives cooks one less thing to worry about when feeding their hungry crew.

Magnetic Knife Rack

A magnetic knife rack will add functionality to a kitchen remodeling project without scrimping on style. Easy to clean and access, magnetic knife racks also accommodate most kitchen tools. A knife rack should be placed in an area that’s easy to access without interfering with usual kitchen activities.

Spice Racks for Small Kitchens

In a small kitchen, everything is within arm’s length. A wall-mounted spice rack helps optimize

storage efficiency when square footage is limited. Mounting a spice rack inside a cabinet door keeps spices and herbs fresh while hidden neatly out of sight.

Sliding Under-Shelf Drawer

Sliding under-shelf drawers allow homeowners to take advantage of often-underutilized cabinet space. The added storage room can be used to keep canned foods and dry goods organized by type and expiration date.

Organizing Wire Racks

Metal storage racks keep cookware items like baking sheets, cookie tray, and muffin tins orderly. Available in various styles and sizes, kitchen wire racks are the perfect organizing accessory for pantries, cabinets, and shelves.

Plastic Storage Containers

When it’s time for storage containers, tips on choosing and organizing them include making sure there’s a good mix of bigger and smaller plastic containers with matching lids. If not, the gaps should be filled, and the rest pitched. If there’s not enough space to store the lids and containers together, they should be divided into separate drawers. Avoiding a hodgepodge of containers and lids all in one drawer is a real timesaver.

Granite Countertop Space

Investing in stunning granite countertops doesn’t make sense if they are covered with clutter. The above kitchen design ideas can be used to expand granite countertop space and create a well-organized, fully functional cooking area that brings any kitchen remodel seamlessly together!

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