Caruso Family Charities' Featured Story: Branson Robinson


Brandon RobinsonTravis, and his wife Kathy, lived in Widefield, CO with their four children, Brandon – 13, Alex – 10, Dakota (Kodi) – 4 and Callie – 2. Formerly an Army Medic, Travis was severely injured while serving in Afghanistan and is 100% disabled. His oldest son, Brandon, was first diagnosed with brain cancer in 2003. After receiving treatment in Boston, and 5 years of remission, doctors were optimistic that Brandon was cured. Unfortunately, in 2012, Brandon experienced severe headaches and was taken to a Colorado Springs emergency room. Doctors discovered 3 new brain tumors. The cancer had returned.

After consulting with a multitude of doctors, the consensus was that Brandon’s cancer was terminal and there was nothing more they could do. Travis had to deliver the heartbreaking news to his son. Brandon replied, “I fought cancer before and won. I want to try again.” A soldier himself, Travis agreed to take up his son’s fight. He took a leave of absence from work and brought Brandon to Children’s Hospital Colorado for a succession of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Kathy stayed behind in Widefield with Brandon’s brothers and sister.

The family was apart for months. The doctors didn’t think Brandon would make it to Christmas. Against the odds, he surprised them all. An elated Travis said, “It was the best Christmas ever. All of us were together to celebrate.”

In January, Brandon underwent a high-dose chemotherapy treatment that causes severe side effects. Despite the side effects, Brandon made a guest appearance at the Caruso Family Charities Gala. He joined his dad, mom, brothers and sister at the Gala.

Travis shared his firsthand experience taking care of Brandon. In a deeply moving speech, Travis gave the audience an account of what life is like for his family. He stated, “Caruso Family Charities saved us from financial devastation. Because of the help I received from the charity, I was able to spend time with Brandon and ensure he got the loving care and treatment he deserved. Travis concluded, “I don’t know where I’d be without the help of Caruso Family Charities. It’s been a lifesaver for my family.”