Caruso Family Charities: How Our 4 Step Process Has Helped 1,200 Families


Caruso Family Charities: How Our 4 Step Process Has Helped 1,200 FamiliesAs a premier kitchen remodeling contractor in Lakewood, Caruso Kitchens has earned an impeccable 30-year reputation by creating award-winning dream kitchens for homeowners in the Denver Metro Area. However, we are even prouder of the fact that we’ve helped more than 1,200 families in Colorado realize their dreams through our Caruso Family Charities.

What Is Caruso Family Charities?

Established in 2006, Caruso Family Charities is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to assisting families of a child, adolescent, or young adult who is being treated in Colorado for a life-threatening disease or life-altering event. The mission of our Funding Families Program is to relieve some of the family’s financial pressure so they can focus on caring for their sick child.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Colorado Charities?

Although there are several great charities in Colorado that assist kids and families on a long-term basis, most require processing time to get started. In some cases, families need immediate assistance. Caruso Family Charities fills a vital role by bridging the gap. Our charity pulls families back from the brink of despair by addressing their immediate needs immediately.

We personally visit each family to assess the situation and promptly offer solutions that help solve the problem – whether it’s keeping a family in their home until other resources can be enacted or helping a stranded mother transport her child to chemo treatments. While serving on the front lines, our help is personal and as real as it gets.

Where Does Our Money Go?

To date, Caruso Families Charities has raised over $3 million in donations. Some of the ways those financial resources benefit Colorado families include:

  • Rent and mortgage assistance
  • Utilities
  • Vehicles and other transportation expenses
  • Home upgrades and furniture
  • Debt relief
  • Funeral and post-life expenses
  • Sibling support
  • College tuition
  • Other miscellaneous support

How Does Our 4-Step Process Work?

Caruso Family Charities uses this 4-step process to help families in need:

  • Step 1
    Social workers throughout Colorado contact us when they have a family in crisis that needs immediate financial assistance to care for a terminally ill child.
  • Step 2
    The referring professional and family in need fill out a Caruso Family Charities online application.
  • Step 3
    We then set up a time to personally see the family and their living conditions. Every dollar donated to us must go to families who are genuinely in need of our help. What better way is there to verify that fact than with our own eyes?
  • Step 4
    Caruso Family Charities pays the family’s bills directly, without any money going straight to the family. This process allows the family to focus on caring for their sick child while eliminating financial stress resulting from the already difficult times they are facing.

How Can You Help Us?

Many families tell us that they don’t know what they would have done without our help. Some would be homeless or otherwise lacking the necessities most of us take for granted. The goal of Caruso Family Charities is to support every family that comes our way in the most significant ways we can. However, our efforts wouldn’t be possible without your generous support. Please come alongside us as we all work together to make a substantial impact on families who need our help.

The different ways to support Caruso Family Charities include:

  • Donate
    Make a one-time or recurring, tax-deductible cash donation of any amount.
  • Special Events
    Attend, host, or volunteer at fundraising events that we help sponsor.
  • Corporate Gift
    Support families through sponsorships, employee giving programs, and outright corporate gifts.
  • Spread the Word
    Connect Caruso Family Charities with people who work in industries that might benefit us, such as general contractors, car dealerships, autobody shops, utility providers, housing authorities, and more.

Learn more about our organization and how you can help by visiting today!