Choosing the Best Cabinets for Your New Kitchen


Choosing the Best Cabinets for Your New KitchenThose design magazines and websites you’ve been dreaming over certainly have some beautiful cabinets. We love them too! However, the reality is that most of us can’t always afford what we want.

Instead, Caruso Kitchens encourages homeowners to buy the highest quality cabinets they can afford and to emphasize form and function as much as they do aesthetic appeal. Cabinets play a huge role in a kitchen’s overall functionality. Few things are more disappointing and frustrating than investing in a beautiful kitchen that fails to meet your specific needs.

Here are some things to consider when choosing cabinets for your new or remodeled kitchen.

Costs and Budgets

Determining how much to budget for cabinets depends on many factors, but your kitchen project budget is the best place to start.

The industry average for new and remodeled kitchens is that cabinets account for about 50% of the project budget. In other words, if you spend $30,000 on your kitchen remodel, expect to spend roughly $15,000 on your cabinetry.

Of course, you can spend more or less than the industry average. But that’s a good number to keep in mind as you consider all your cabinet options.

Door Styles

Depending on your tastes and your home’s architectural style, you may choose a slab, shaker, flat panel, shaker, beaded, raised forum cabinet door style, or perhaps a glass inset, mission, or arched cathedral style. Here’s a brief description of each type.

  • Arched Cathedral:
    Shaped like an arched window and either recessed or raised within the door frame; typically used only on upper cabinets.
  • Beaded:
    Features stripes created by single or double grooves; often combined with other styles.
  • Flat Panel:
    Exactly as it sounds – a single flat panel surrounded by molding; preferred style for transitional kitchen designs.
  • Mission:
    A flat-panel door variation, typically made of stained oak with highlighted woodgrain; has a square frame molding and simple, clean lines.
  • Raised Panel:
    Contoured groove around the molding, slightly extending the center panel; typical in traditional kitchen designs.
  • Shaker:
    Similar to the Mission style but with a narrower frame molding, focused on function and durability.
  • Slab:
    Minimalist style with no panels, molding, or ornamentation; usually have a finger ledge or push-to-open mechanism instead of hardware pulls.

Materials and Finishing

The look of a kitchen depends significantly on the finish selected for cabinets.  There are a lot of considerations in choosing materials and finishes. From solid wood to plastic laminate, the makeup of your kitchen cabinets impacts their cost, durability, and appearance.

For a natural look, the best option is still solid wood. Hickory and oak wood wear better than maple and birch. Painted cabinets show dirt, fingerprints, and food spills more readily than stained wood. A satin-painted finish hides fingerprints better than a matte finish.

Cabinet styles with grooves and beads are harder to clean and maintain. If you want cabinets that are easy to clean, choose lighter colors, which are better at hiding dirt than darker colors.

Beauty and Function

When choosing cabinets, consider what you’ll be storing in them. Some homeowners prefer multiple drawers beneath countertops; others choose shelves. Decorative content like crystal and china may merit a decorative or patterned glass door.


Hardware choices are critical to a stylish kitchen. Choosing the right pulls, knobs, and handles are vital to creating a modern and attractive look. There is an extensive range of styles, finishes, and colors available.

Is It Time for Your Dream Kitchen?

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