Featured Family: Jacob Bain

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Remodeling contractor Steven Bain and his wife Lauren work hard to care for their four young children: Breanna 7, Lukas 6, Jacob 3, and Noah 18 months. In February of this year, 3-yr-old Jacob was diagnosed with Acute Lymphatic Leukemia. Since then, their lives have been turned upside down. Steven’s capacity to work has been greatly diminished with numerous trips to the hospital and Lauren’s job has been made so much more difficult with 3 other small children to care for.

Their families have been there for them to help with the kids, but are unable to provide financial support. With many trips to see his son in the hospital, Steven has had to limit the number of remodeling jobs he can take. This is what happens to so many of our families. Life is going smoothly until tragedy strikes and bills mount quickly.

Caruso Family Charities is relieving some of the financial stress for this young family. The couple is working hard to maintain normalcy for their other three children so they don’t feel the stress of the many mounting pressures. Jacob has at least three years of intense chemotherapy ahead.

If you or your company are looking for a local non-profit to support, please consider Caruso Family Charities.

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