Featured Story: Nathaniel Ybarra


Nathaniel YbarraNathaniel Ybarra suffered from a rare brain formation disorder known as lissencephaly. Typically caused by a virus during the first trimester, lissencephaly results in the lack of development of brain folds. Children with lissencephaly generally have significant developmental delays, depending on the degree of brain malformation and seizure control. Nathaniel’s mom, Brianna was constantly at his side, while his dad, Ray, worked hard to make ends meet.

Sadly, the Ybarras lost Nathaniel just one week shy of his 1st birthday. The Ybarras have another son, Elijah, who is 3.

This little family struggled financially. Caruso Family Charities is assisting with living expenses, and burial expenses.

If you or your company are looking for a local non-profit to support, please consider Caruso Family Charities.