How to Select the Best Kitchen Remodeling Contractor


How to Select the Best Kitchen Remodeling ContractorThe excitement begins to build from the moment you decide to embark on a kitchen renovation. Considering the endless possibilities of enhanced workflow, additional cupboard and counter space, open concept living, and luxurious finishes can become all-consuming. But before you get too far, you’ll need to choose a kitchen remodeling contractor to complete the work. Taking these steps will ensure that your dream kitchen delivers many years of enjoyment after the renovation is through.

Make a List of Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

Start by making a list of reputable kitchen remodeling contractors. Search online for local contractors familiar with the building codes in your community and seek referrals from neighbors, coworkers, and friends. Assess each contractor’s online reputation by reading client reviews posted on referral sites such as Google My Business, Yelp, and Facebook.

Review Each Contractor’s Kitchen Remodel Portfolio

Once you have an initial list of kitchen contractors, check out some of their handiwork. Successful remodelers are proud of their work, so visit each one’s professional website and social media pages. Photo galleries that include at least ten completed projects typically indicate quality work.

If possible, ask the contractor to show you an ongoing project. While there, get an idea of how the contractor operates by looking at blueprints, design sketches, and other project plans.

Ask for Client References

Now that your contractor list is down to a handful of candidates, ask each one for client references. Most experienced remodeling contractors can email you the names, addresses, phone numbers, and project completion dates for ten or more references.

Using the list, contact each reference, and ask them these follow-up questions:

  • Did the work crews show up as scheduled?
  • Was the project completed on time and within budget?
  • How do you like your new kitchen?
  • Were any issues addressed promptly and to your satisfaction?
  • Was it easy to work with the contractor?
  • Would you recommend the contractor to others?
  • Have any problems come up after the project’s completion?
  • Can I stop by and look at your kitchen?

Visit Similar Kitchens the Contractors Completed

Now it’s time to physically inspect kitchens similar in design and complexity to yours, especially those completed within the last two years. When visiting, ask the homeowner how well the work has held up and if any subsequent repairs or servicing were needed.

Look for these warning signs of sloppy work:

  • The use of substandard materials
  • Poor flow within the cooking triangle
  • Unlevel countertops with rough transitions between surfaces
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Cabinet installation that’s not straight or true
  • Not enough storage or countertop space
  • Sloppy caulking or grout along edges
  • Crooked tile work
  • Flooring problems
  • Tile or grout cracking

Finalize Contractor Selection Using Bid Requests

When your search is down to two or three contractors, ask each one for a formal bid request. Any reputable kitchen remodeling contractor will provide you with a detailed proposal that includes an estimated cost and project completion timeline. Pay close attention to additional details such as materials, appliances, and labor costs. Check how well the design flow between the stove, fridge, cabinetry, and sink aligns with your cooking triangle objectives.

Once all bids are in, avoid the temptation to choose the lowest one. Because you will be living with this kitchen for a while, choose the bid that best meets your household’s design needs, timeline, and budget. Avoid any contractor who won’t stand behind their work or pressures you to “sign on the dotted line” before you are ready.

Is it Time for Your Dream Kitchen?

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