The Pros & Cons of 5 Kitchen Island Styles

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When most people think about their dream kitchen, the island typically isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, your kitchen island plays an important role in both the style and the functionality of your kitchen design. It is important to select the island that best fits your home so that you can fully enjoy your time in the kitchen. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of 5 unique kitchen island styles.

1. Galley

A galley island serves as more than mere counter space. Typically, a galley is utilized for both appliances and storage, with an installed sink, dishwasher, or stovetop burners often making an appearance. Although relatively basic and streamlined, the galley offers a straightforward functionality that fits virtually every kitchen in both size and style. This island is versatile, acting as a table, workspace, or storage area.

If the galley island possesses any flaws, it’s that many homeowners consider it to be boring. The shape is not particularly eye-catching. However, with the proper countertop materials and cabinetry design, your galley island can add a lot of style to your kitchen.

Kitchen Island: Galley

2. L-Shaped

Think of the L-shaped island as the sectional sofa in your kitchen. It offers plenty of counter space, plenty of storage space, and an eye-pleasing shape that makes a large kitchen look quite nice. The extra counter space makes an L-shaped island excellent for entertaining, as you can place countless platters of food for serving. Additionally, you can draw up plenty of bar stools to the counter for casual breakfasts or late-night snacks.

The primary disadvantage of an L-shaped island is that its size and shape can overcrowd a small kitchen. L-shaped kitchens typically work best in larger, more open kitchens with plenty of walking space. Additionally, the large corner tends to eliminate storage accessibility.

Kitchen Island: L-Shaped

3. Circular

If you have the room to spare, a circular kitchen island offers a fun alternative to the straightforward galley. These islands come in both full-moon and half-moon shapes and offer an abundance of counter space. Often, the curved edge stretches out longer than the cabinet base, allowing you to pull chairs around the edge as a permanent seating arrangement. The visual effect of a circular island is unique and striking without sacrificing any counter or storage space.

Working your way around the circular layout can be a little inconvenient at times. Additionally, the curved cabinet space makes it a little difficult to store appliances with straight edges. However, not every circular island features curved cabinetry; some simply offer a curved countertop on top of a standard rectangular cabinet.

Kitchen Island: Circular Kitchen Island: Circular

4. Multi-Level

A multi-level island combines a higher counter intended for dining with a lower counter intended for working. The higher counter works great for casual dining or as a place for kids to do their homework. Additionally, the stacked counters are visually appealing and make an attractive statement in a modern kitchen.

The primary drawback of a multi-level island is its loss of versatility. While it’s true that you can use the eating area for working, reaching between the two levels is a little inconvenient.

Kitchen Island: Multi-Level

5. Furniture Style

Finally, a furniture-style kitchen island combines a beautiful, graceful design with the standard island workspace. This type of island often resembles a side table or even a full dining table. Rather than the standard cabinets and shelves, a furniture-style island might offer one open shelf on the bottom for baskets, pans, or books. This type of island is essentially all workspace and eating space and does not typically feature a sink or stove.

While a furniture-style kitchen island is beautiful and makes any kitchen look stately and elegant, it does carry a disadvantage in its lack of storage space. However, if you already have plenty of storage space in your regular cabinets and pantry, consider the beauty and stylistic element of a furniture-style island.

Kitchen Island: Furniture Style

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