Top 2022 Trends in Denver for Kitchen Remodeling


Top 2022 Trends in Denver for Kitchen RemodelingAs the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As the heart of the home, it’s vitally important that you tastefully decorate your kitchen with a personal touch. Understanding the latest trends in the world of kitchen design can offer ample insight into how best to refresh your outdated space. Read on to learn more about what’s trending in the Denver community as fellow homeowners reimagine their kitchens in 2022 and beyond.

Kitchen Designs that Emphasize Minimalism

Fueled by the growing demand for technology and smart functionality, kitchen designs this year will continue to focus on keeping things neat and tidy. Minimalism is all about cordless, app- or voice-controlled appliances, along with clean lines, fine-grained woods, geometric patterns, and angular design on everything from appliances and faucets.

Bolder, Brighter Cabinetry Palettes

Introducing permanent bold color into a kitchen can be risky because it’s hard to predict when it will start looking dated. The last few years have seen a resurgence of brighter, bolder palettes reappearing in kitchens, and not just as accent colors. From cabinets to islands and sinks, bright colors are popping up in kitchens everywhere. Although blues and greens are already kitchen design favorites, playful hues that double as neutrals, such as navy blues, gray-greens, earth tones, and deep plums, are trending upwards.

Once delegated to the utilitarian role of protecting kitchen walls from spills and splashes, tile has now become a featured element within the kitchen design realm. As a versatile kitchen remodeling material that’s available in numerous colors, textures, and styles, tiled treatments are now appearing in places running the gamut from window jams to floors.

Mixing Custom Details to Bring Meaning

Boring eclectic kitchen style is out, replaced by a highly personalized look with custom details that bring meaning to designs. Pull your mixed theme together by arranging collectibles in a vignette, patterns from a favorite travel destination, or other handcrafted elements. Mixing also means incorporating design basics into a space by blending cool and warm tones in paint, metallics, and wood. While you’re at it, don’t hesitate to bring organic curves and sharp angles together while conforming to the shapes in your kitchen.

Layered Kitchen Themes

Another trending kitchen design idea is layering different variations of the same theme on top of one another for added emphasis. Layer textures, lighting, and patterns in different colors and kitchen areas to bring it together. Use patterns within patterns to deliver a quilt-like look or create a layered lighting effect by combining task, ambient, and accent lighting.

Statement-Making Kitchen Islands

Statement-making kitchen islands are another design trend that’s gaining traction. Make your island stand out with a bold countertop color, distinct pendant lights, or textured cabinet surface. Another popular idea is creating a double kitchen island and using one side for everyday activities and the other as an entertainment bar.

Splurge-Worthy Countertops

Another popular trend is to personalize a kitchen space with eye-catching countertop materials that pop against the cabinets and flooring. Many homeowners are now splurging on countertop materials like granite and quartz that combine timeless elegance with excellent durability.

Ultra-Comfortable Vinyl Flooring

Although hardwood is still the top kitchen flooring choice, vinyl has made significant moves over the last few years. Now more popular than porcelain or ceramic tile, vinyl is a moisture-resistant, affordable flooring alternative with a softer feel and exceptional underfoot comfort.

Appliances with High-Tech Features

Throughout 2022, homeowners will continue to include energy-efficient kitchen appliances with high-tech features like wireless and smartphone controls in their kitchen designs. Some apps let you control the oven temp and cooking time from your phone anywhere in the house, while others allow you to see inside your fridge from the grocery store.

Custom Storage and Organization Systems

As people spend more time in the kitchen, specialty organizers and storage systems for cookware, spices, and utensils are in high demand. From pullout waste and recycling bins to sliding under-shelf drawers and cabinet inserts, cluttered kitchens are quickly becoming a thing of the past!

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