What’s the Difference Between Working with an Architect or a Certified Kitchen & Bath Designer?


What’s the Difference Between Working with an Architect or a Certified Kitchen & Bath Designer?There is a big difference between architects and designers. Architects are concerned with the structure, ensuring the building is up to the required codes. Designers advise on interior elements, like the flow of spaces, style, and material selection, while using their skills to add aesthetic value.

When remodeling a kitchen, it is best to work with a designer, even if you are working with an architect. Even better is if you can hire a certified kitchen and bath designer.

What’s the difference between an interior designer and a certified kitchen and bath designer?

An interior designer works with many parts of the home and follows a theme, whereas a kitchen designer focuses on the cabinetry and function of the kitchen. A kitchen designer is like a specialist and will have in-depth knowledge and experience with the different aspects of a kitchen’s design.

What does a kitchen designer do?

A kitchen designer advises you on styles, materials, and colors and helps you with operational decisions, physical restrictions, and spatial challenges. A kitchen designer will help you create a kitchen that works for you and looks beautiful.

They will first design a kitchen layout that best serves the client and their space. They will then determine the best styles and materials to fit this layout.

Do I need a kitchen designer?

Cabinetry companies rarely sell cabinetry directly to the consumer, and therefore you will need a designer to be involved in your new kitchen.

Plus, there are additional benefits to hiring a certified kitchen designer.

  • A kitchen designer can advise on current kitchen decorating trends and help you incorporate them into your home seamlessly.
  • They help you maximize the use and function of space, improving your quality of life.
  • A designer’s professional connections can save you time, frustration, and money.

Oftentimes an architect will work with designers and vice versa. If you are building or renovating your kitchen and incorporating custom elements like cabinets, then bringing in a kitchen designer is a must. They will bring your style and function to your kitchen and their knowledge and expertise will make sure that you get the function and value you want.

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