Featured Story: Jax Steinberg

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Caruso Family Charities' Featured Story: Jax Steinberg

When Jerry met Eric and Jillian Steinberg, they had two sons, Gage, 3 and baby Jax, 16 months. At 33 days old, Jax was diagnosed with Cockayne Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that involves progressive multi-system degeneration characterized by premature aging.

Featured Story: Sophia Dolif

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Sophia Dolif - Caruso Family Charities

Sarah Dolif is a single mom to two beautiful little girls: 6-yr-old Bella and 3-yr-old Sophia. Sophia was born with Holoprosencephaly, a rare disorder where the embryonic forebrain fails to sufficiently divide into two cerebral hemispheres. This results in severe skull and facial defects and can be life threatening.

Featured Story: Sunny Montoya

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Sunny Montoya - Caruso Family Charities

Sunny Montoya seems like any adorable 3-year-old girl. But 18 months ago, she started eating dirt, sand and rocks…and lost interest in food. Her mom took her to the doctor to make sure she was ok. Sunny was diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia.

Featured Story: Mollie Browning

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Mollie Browning - Caruso Family Charities

Baby Mollie was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in March 2016, the day after she turned 9 months old. After a series of tests and biopsies, it was found to be stage IV metastatic and categorized as intermediate risk. She began treatment immediately and has gone through four rounds of chemotherapy.