The Pros & Cons of Stained vs. Painted Cabinets

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The Pros & Cons of Stained vs. Painted Cabinets

So you just finished a kitchen or bathroom remodel and all that’s left to do is to put a finish on the cabinetry. The problem is you aren’t sure whether or not you want the cabinets stained or painted! This decision is something a lot of people find themselves unsure about as there are pros and cons to both. Let’s look at stained vs. painted cabinets and decide what is right for you.

Featured Story: Jax Steinberg

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Caruso Family Charities' Featured Story: Jax Steinberg

When Jerry met Eric and Jillian Steinberg, they had two sons, Gage, 3 and baby Jax, 16 months. At 33 days old, Jax was diagnosed with Cockayne Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that involves progressive multi-system degeneration characterized by premature aging.